Thursday, April 19, 2012

Abraham Storer - where have you been all my life?

Picked up some old copies of "New American Paintings" at the Antique Market and happened across this guy, Abraham Storer. His artist statement was so similar to what I was trying to do in thesis it was almost ridiculous.  Of course, I was going through one of my old sketchbooks looking for some scrap paper and there's a little note in there to look him up.  and I didn't? Until now?  How did this happen?  Someone suggested that I look this guy up and I totally didn't.  Sometimes I am the WORST.   

Either way see for yourself - the pictures get me every-time.  This man knows his way around a composition - negative space everywhere - everything is a void or a reflection or a lit tent in the dark unknown - just a mass of paint - like a monolith in front of you.  So very very good. 

Yet, at the same time I feel like if I actually looked him up when someone first told me to - I wouldn't have been nearly as into it.  I think I needed to push some paint around first.  

Anyways, Abe, if you're reading this, I think we are art twins.  Even our websites are the same!  You wanna maybe hang out? We can talk about painting and the symbolic significance of the landscape, squighy brushes, the best oil paint brand, our favourite trees, maybe go camping or something.  It will be great. 

I promise.


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