Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mysteries of the Forest

"Who will be the death of the forest? 
The day will come on which a forest, hitherto a womanizer, 
resolves to frequent only teetotal places of refreshment, 
walk only on tarred roads,
and consort only with Sunday afternoon strollers.  

He will live on pickled newspapers. 
Enfeebled by virtue, he will forget the bad habits of his youth.
He will become geometrical, conscientious,dutiful, grammatical,
judicial, pastoral, clerical, constructivistic and republican.  
He will become a schoolmaster. 

Will it turn out fine? Of course it will! 
For we are going diplomat hunting.  

Will the forest be praised for its good behavior? 
Not by me anyways" 

~Max Ernst "Les Mystères de la forêt”
published in Minotaure in 1934

Sunday, February 13, 2011

In the Studio

Some pics from the studio - featuring my art-mess
view from my easel
me and Natasha's corner merging into one

 Some Thesis work in situ.  I should have more professional pictures up soon.  

First Painting from last semester - my fav one.. still needs a title

there's figures now

naked figures
intertwining circles of trees (incomplete)

The Tower

One of my advisors referred to this as a haunted tomato patch   

That's it for now but more stuff to come.