Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Stuff

Arting happens!  Here is some unfinished things for you to look at.  In other news I'm planning a trip to Italy for the end of September.  So much art to see - and I just found out that the Venice Biennale is still going to be up when I am there.  SO EXCITED.

 These ones are a commission for my aunt I have been working on in small chunks for what seems like forever.  Also it's huge! (for me anyways) 4ft x 2.5ft.  She wanted something big and green to put over her couch. 
The Whole Thing
mmmm Arches Watercolour Paper

   These ones are some pieces inspired by my friend Gabe's photography from Japan.  So far I've concluded everything in a Japanese forest is magic- and must be painted.

Thats all for now but more arts coming soon (and life drawings!)

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