Friday, March 18, 2011

Trial and Error

originally this was supposed to be a figure piece inside of a tower with a single light source
building up the bricks - (at this point I am realizing how horribly depressing this painting is)

letting the light in and breaking down the wall

The figure needed to go and so did the ground.  Decided to reference my other piece here and add a white tree in water.  Much better.

Here's a step by step of one of my more recent pieces.  This one went through a lot of changes.  It's still not quite done yet, but sometimes you are just in the middle of a painting and feel the need to change everything - usually it's best to just go with it. 

In other news massive art update to happen soon.  3 weeks to go until the end.  I think I've slept about 7 hours total in the past 2 nights.  Major Stressin.

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